Certified shugaring specialist
PANDHY'S Professional line
Anastasia Pikula

Sugaring specialist
PANDHY'S Professional line
Anastasia Pikula

5 minutes to metro
Metro Ulitsa аkademika Yangelya
Varshavskoye highway152к11
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Body care Spring - time for depilation
Body care - it is also a hair removal. When sugar depilation, the skin is supplied with oxygen, becoming more supple and velvety
Sugar paste Pandhy's Professional
Features Pandhy's sugar paste is caused by its structure of monosaccharides composition. Monosaccharides in their properties are very different from sugars - glucose and fructose molecules are much smaller than ordinary sugar sucrose molecule.
Dear women! Do not be shy
You're not the first I have a client, so I no surprise: no hairs (no matter how long and hard they were not), nor on what those same hairs grow. Nothing new, I do not see